About Us

MML Partners

Actis was established in 2004 after spinning out from the UK´s CDC as a new private equity firm with a unique heritage. These beginnings provided Actis with an unparalleled knowledge of its markets and an unrivalled network of contacts and advisors. Actis has established a reputation for innovative deals and excellence in emerging market investing.

Today Actis has $5 billion funds under-management and 120 investment professionals at work on a portfolio of 65 companies in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Investments are made across three asset classes: Energy, Private Equity and Real Estate. Africa lies at the core of the firm's investment strategy. Today, over 40% of Actis's investments are located in Africa with over $1.5 billion invested across 18 countries on the continent.

In Kenya, Actis is well-known for delivering the Junction Shopping Centre, one of Nairobi´s currently Nairobi's premier shopping and leisure destination as well as Nairobi Business Park and the new Garden City development.


Founded in 2006, Kenya Property Developers Association is representative body of the residential, commercial and industrial property development sector. KPDA actively promotes sustainable development on behalf of its membership through referrals, partnerships, seminars, training programs and marketing. It also works to promote Kenya as an attractive local for development activity both by domestic and foreign investors. The Association serves the diverse needs of our members. MML is proud to be in a partnership with KPDA and will work together in promoting property development in Kenya.


Kenya Green Building Society (KGBS) is an independent membership based society formed to advocate for green building, rate the built environment and train industry on green building. KGBS is registered with the World Green Building Council and is one of the 100 members alongside South Africa, Australia, UK and USA. KGBS seeks to lead the transformation in the construction industry towards environmentally sustainable buildings and promoting healthy and efficient environments. To live up to this mission, MML is developing the first LEED certified commercial buildings in East Africa and is proud to support the establishment of the Kenya Green Building Society in developing its first certified project.